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At Kelsey Sharpless Counselling...

We provide support for individuals across the lifespan, including children (ages 6 and up), adolescents, adults, and families.

Kelsey's priority is to meet the diverse needs of the Haliburton County community, maintaining a wide-ranging clientele to provide assistance to a broad spectrum of individuals, rather than narrowing her services to a very specific group.


You will find more information listed below about our one to one therapy with adults, therapy with children and family therapy.

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Individual Therapy with Children


Kelsey brings a wealth of experience in working with children and adolescents dealing with a wide range of issues. Some common challenges she assists children with include anxiety, self-esteem, peer relationships, school-related stress, family conflicts or adjustments, and processing traumatic events.

Kelsey places a strong emphasis on involving parents in the therapy process, recognizing that the level of involvement may vary for each family. Together, we will tailor a plan that best suits your needs. Typically, parents may participate in the initial and final 10 minutes of sessions to collaborate on setting goals and reviewing progress.

Additionally, I offer therapy sessions for parents and caregivers.

Whether you're seeking support in parenting a child with unique needs or mental health concerns, looking to enhance your communication or discipline strategies with your children, or navigating the challenges of modern-day parenting where many factors feel out of our control- from bullies at school, to social media, video games or butting heads with your child about screen time or school attendance, you are not alone. 

Individual Therapy with Youth


Youth aged 12-17 are embarking on the typical developmental journey of establishing independence from their caregivers. They often prefer a therapy setting that acknowledges this need for independence, and some may wish to attend sessions without their parents present, while others may choose to have a caregiver join for the initial session.

In most cases, youth aged 12 and older have the legal capacity to provide their own consent for therapy. This means that caregivers are not obligated to attend sessions, sign consent forms, or access information about their youth's therapy without the youth's consent. While I strongly encourage parental involvement in the therapeutic process, as it can enhance the effectiveness of therapy by aligning changes made in therapy with the home environment, the extent of involvement is ultimately determined by the youth.

kelsey sharpless - teen therapy

The level of parental involvement varies based on the specific issues the youth is addressing in therapy.

Common topics include peer and relationship challenges, life stressors, family-related difficulties, and feelings of being misunderstood, unheard, or alone. In cases involving more serious mental health issues or symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, negative self-image, suicidal or self-harmful thoughts or behaviors, or trauma, parental involvement becomes increasingly encouraged, or required in cases where a concern about the youth’s safety arises. 

kelsey sharpless - adult therapy

Individual Therapy with Adults

I provide a wide range of therapeutic support services for adults, catering to various needs and life stages. Some of my areas of expertise include helping adults to process familial trauma, develop healthy boundaries, and engage in inner-child healing. I also assist adults in understanding their attachment style, which influences their relationships and self-image. I support those struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem related to negative self-talk, overthinking and people-pleasing.

Additionally, I support people facing burn-out or post-traumatic stress related to the workplace. Young adults facing the unique pressures of life in the 2020s and unpacking the negative core beliefs that are often triggered by the pressure to “have it all figured out” while living in a world vastly different from their parents’ generation can find support here.

Finally, for those who are parents, I offer guidance on nurturing healthy relationships with their children or teens, navigating developmental stages, or supporting a child facing a mental health or behavioural challenge.

Family Therapy

Family psychotherapy is dedicated to enhancing familial relationships and communication. We understand that the definition of 'family' varies from one situation to another, and we work collaboratively with you to identify the key individuals to involve in the family therapy process. After an initial consultation call, Kelsey will assist in determining the appropriate participants for the initial Family Therapy session. Subsequently, based on clinical expertise, Kelsey may recommend individual sessions with each involved person or continue with group sessions.

Kelsey's approach to family therapy combines Emotionally Focused (EFT) and Narrative techniques, which encourage clients to delve into their deeper emotional experiences, fostering vulnerability and creating a secure and validating atmosphere where family members can establish trust and understanding while beginning to uncover unhelpful communication patterns and resolve conflicts.

kelsey sharpless counselling - family therapy services

To ensure a respectful and safe environment for all participants, clear boundaries are established at the outset of the process. Kelsey, as a skilled therapist, adeptly facilitates conversations and resolves conflicts during Family Therapy.

Family therapy sessions are typically 80 minutes long to accommodate the necessary time when multiple voices need to be heard in a session.

How It Works

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Start by clicking below to book a free 15 minute consultation call with Kelsey. You’ll  have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and ensure it feels like the right fit.

Next Steps

If you decide to begin working with Kelsey, she will support you on the call to book your initial session, send you her online Intake Form, and you will meet for your initial session, either virtually online or in-person in Minden.

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