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I am so glad you're here!

I am motivated to do this work by the amazing people I get to meet and seeing people's self-investments pay off. 

I am constantly amazed by what humans are capable of when given the space to get vulnerable and in turn feel heard and understood.


My approach to therapy is rooted in compassion, collaboration, and evidence-based practices.

I believe that every person has the potential for growth, healing, and self-discovery, and I'm here to guide you through that process. Whether you're facing challenges related to anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, or any other life stressors, I'm committed to working with you to find the most effective way to help you feel supported.


Support may look like processing through difficult events, uncovering your strengths, developing coping strategies, and, above all, having a safe space where your feelings are acknowledged and you are truly understood.

~ sessions available online and in person ~


Have We Met Yet?

Hello, I'm Kelsey Sharpless, and I'm passionate about helping individuals on their journey to mental and emotional well-being.


With seven years of experience as a Registered Social Worker practicing Psychotherapy, my professional journey thus far has been a dedicated pursuit of knowledge to better serve the clients I encounter.

I invite you to explore the website to learn more about the services I offer, my therapeutic approach and to better understand if we may be a good fit to work together. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to supporting you with whatever it is you may be struggling with at this time.

Let's Work Together

Individual Therapy with Children (Ages 6-11)

Children and their caregivers may come to therapy to process feelings and learn skills related to a variety of presenting issues such as family conflicts, anxiety, or managing big emotions and behaviours.

Individual Therapy with Youth (Ages 12-17)

Youth present with their own unique struggles as they begin their developmentally normal journey of becoming more independent in the world. I am here to help navigate the challenges that go along with that such as dealing with peer and relationship challenges, family stressors, anxiety, or self-esteem issues.

Individual Therapy with Adults (18+)

I support adults in various life stages with things like processing trauma, supporting with burnout and work or family stressors, and dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. A variety of different therapeutic modalities may be used depending on what the presenting issue is.

Family Therapy

Addressing negative patterns within a family unit can be helpful to regaining a sense of connection to one another. In family therapy, we help to uncover negative communication patterns and support each family member to open up and share their experience and begin to see and validate each other’s perspectives.

Visit my services page for more details on each type of therapy.

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